Enterprise Value Enhancement (EVE) is the strategic integration of business performance management, business intelligence and live human interaction. EVE improves the fundamental value creation capability of the enterprise through improved business results and increased enterprise value. At Advanz, we offer specialized solutions comprising eCommerce, CRM & demand creation, business intelligence, eMarketing, and strategy alignment, which are integrated and delivered in a unique way that maximize value creation.

Government interactions are heading in the direction of requiring "perpetual collaboration" across agencies, societies, governments and constituencies. We at Advanz have created specific portals that allow for such collaboration.

Certain State and County business requirements call for approvals and certification so that business can be directed to certified companies. We have front-end interactive and back-end workflow solutions to improve the customer experience while enhancing the productivity at the agency deploying such solutions.

Our solutions for government include:

We have specific expertise in building systems that combine a portal with a certification process and workflow whereby a state agency can track companies seeking certification, approve them, and once approved connect them with other state agency partners, thereby delivering a holistic solution achieving the objectives of improved cooperation between certified companies and state agencies.
We also have expertise in building systems to track prospective opportunities for new business expansion within the state or county, thereby delivering improved economic development and employment growth with targeted efforts, more efficiently and more cost effectively than any other solution.



"You guys have done the implementation at great speed and with great care and most importantly, ahead of schedule and within budget."

—Aiden O'Garro, Operations Manager

Massachusetts Office of Business Development

"We really like the portal you built for us to connect businesses with different agencies."

—Edith Silva, Executive Director, SOMWBA

Commonwealth of Massachusetts