Office Products Online Business System

Advanz has an innovative new package that has an amazing ROI, a great sales to investment ratio, and helps propel revenues in the online growth-segment of the office products industry. Manage and grow your business more efficiently. Traditional sales processes in the industry involving face-to-face calls and catalog distribution are expensive—convert to emarketing, insides sales and ebusiness. Reduce your selling costs by a factor of 3. Deliver convenience, make it easier for your customers to buy from you and use the latest Web2.0 technologies with eCommerce and integrated CRM for improved sales productivity to enhance your overall business and margins with this total solution package. Take advantage of many unique features and functionality not available in the market today and build your brand with SEO not possible with existing systems. Best of all, own the system outright without having to pay ongoing user-based fees.

The system is intuitive to use, powerful and affordable. With the conversion of just a handful of accounts, it pays for itself.

The combination of software and services available includes:

  • A comprehensive and customized integrated eCommerce and CRM application
  • Supply chain connectivity to start, manage and grow an online office products business
  • Complete business process
  • Assistance with target market identification
  • Initial target leads pre-loaded into the system
  • Inside sales training with mechanism to convert prospects for office products
  • Training on how to use the system effectively
  • Workflow and operating procedures
  • High-availability hosting of customized portal with technical support
  • Marketing-materials and communication templates
  • Sharing of best-practices
  • Ongoing business & technology support
  • Upgrades

The system includes:

Base Module: Home page design and inner page design, Add to wish list and reorder feature,Filters for category, brand and price range and sort capability by relevance, name, price and brand, Green products filter, Payment gateway integration, Shipping module integration with ability to set rate rules, Compare product feature.

Contract Pricing:Contract Pricing module with ability to offer custom contract pricing to customers, Display of contract items with a tag, Contract items filter and sort feature.

Sales Commissions:Sales Commission module to track sales by salespersons or resellers and commissions accrued.

Return Authorization:Module to manage and track returns based on details and logic provided and tie back to customers/orders.

Print Services:Print Services module for adding online service delivery functionality and management

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